repairs and ALTErations

We all have accidents with our clothing or household items at some point. Repairing a tear or torn stitching can seem daunting to take on yourself and many of todays materials require specialist machinery to fix properly. 

We have several highly skilled seamstresses who can undertake a variety of repairs on garments and household items, such as replacing zips in trousers or mending tears in sheets so they look like new. 


We can also alter items, from tailoring a suit jacket so that it fits nicely to shortening curtains. Love a pair of trousers but they're a little too long? No problem. We can take up trousers or let out skirts to make them more comfortable quickly and easily. Don't think you can't wear your favourite clothing if it doesn't feel quite right; achieve the perfect fit with Danes.

3 Diamonds Linen Hire

We have a dedicated hire division for table linen. If you need to hire linen for your wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday or any other celebration, please visit 3 Diamonds Linen Hire by clicking the link below.


You will be able to place an order and know exactly what the cost is by completing the online hire form.

dry cleaning

From suits to designer dresses, our dry cleaning service uses state of the art technology and the most appropriate stain removal agents to carefully clean your garments. 

We always give great attention to detail and our professional team are highly skilled in stain removal, operating and finishing and are experienced in working with all fabrics to ensure that your items are returned to you looking their absolute best. 

So whether it's dry cleaning for everyday wear or more specialist items with fine detailing, each item is treated individually with infinite care.


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