We pride ourselves on our high quality laundry service, which saves you time and effort whilst allowing you to enjoy fresh crisp bed linen that looks and feels luxurious.

All items are individually inspected and logged in by hand, then categorised so they are washed with appropriate detergents according to care label instructions.  Bed linen is then beautifully pressed and finished to our exacting standards.

All laundry items are returned to you wrapped in brown paper, stored in pristine condition ready for whenever you need them. 

We are also experts in laundering table linen, where your tablecloths are returned to you starched, carefully pressed and neatly folded. 


Do you hate washing, drying and ironing shirts week after week? Let us do it for you! Our shirt service saves you time and effort by providing crease free, crisp, clean shirts that are ready to wear precisely when you need them. Our value pricing also includes collection and delivery to a location of your choice.


We all love getting into a freshly made bed, and at Danes we know that having your duvets and pillows laundered regularly is just as important as taking care of the linen. We are experts in laundering all types of duvets, removing allergens leaving them smelling fresh and hygienically clean.

on line shop

Have you ever thought of that clothing or linen care product you forgot to pick up at the supermarket?

Soon we will be providing an online shop service so you will be able to buy your ancillary products such as lint rollers directly from our website.


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