duvets and pillows

Duvets should be laundered regularly to remove dead skin cells, dust mites and other allergens that build up over time. 


We launder all types of duvets (including feather) and padded bedspreads, which are then packed individually in bags to keep them compact, clean and easy to store. We also launder pillows and offer a pillow re-covering service.


pillow re-covering

Have your pillows seen better days? All pillows flatten and lose their shape over time and the covers can easily become stained. Here at Danes, we will clean, revitalise and re-cover your pillows, restoring them so that they are as good as new. We will take out the feathers or down and sanitise them to kill any bacteria or mites, before adding additional feathers or down, if necessary, to restore firmness to the pillow. The filling is then placed into a brand new down-proof cotton cover so that, once again, you have a pillow that is fresh, clean, hygienic and super soft on which to rest your head. 



We offer a traditional laundry service, using the latest advances in washing and ironing technology. We are professional launderers, and pride ourselves on consistently satisfying the demanding standards of our domestic customers. We are experienced in handling a wide range of domestic items, inspecting for any marks and stains, and tailoring the wash to the requirements of each individual item -  from teddy bears to rice-starched collars! Once ironed, all items are wrapped in brown paper before delivering your laundry to your home or to our agency or shop for collection


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