We combine care, experience and technology to provide a first rate dry cleaning service.


All garments received for dry cleaning are carefully inspected before processing. Any stains are skilfully removed by our experienced Dry Cleaning Manager who utilizes the most appropriate stain removal agents for each individual item.


Garments are then carefully classified according to cleaning instructions specified on the care label. After cleaning, all items are pressed and carefully hand finished, then returned to you in pristine condition covered in protective polyrobe.

We can also cater for specialist requirements such as cleaning silks and delicate beading.


We have a team of highly skilled seamstresses who can undertake a variety of repairs and alterations to your clothes and household items. Whether you need to take up a pair of trousers, replace a zip, tailor a jacket or shorten curtains, we are here to help to have your items looking as good as new.

wedding dresses

The perfect dress for your perfect day needs special care. Our team are specially trained to carefully inspect your dress to ensure any detailing is suitable for dry cleaning, and remove any stains by hand prior to cleaning. Finally, your dress is delicately packaged to ensure it returns to you in pristine condition. 

curtain cleaning

They are used daily but not given much attention - we are talking curtains! Dry cleaning curtains is the most effective way to give them a new lease of life removing accumulated dirt, dust and allergens. Our fully trained staff clean any curtains from delicate net curtains to crushed velvet - fully lined or blackout style.


Call 01206 852020 or contact us at sales@danes-laundry.co.uk

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